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Week 10

Posted by barbaramilligansblog on March 29, 2010

The Benefits of Slicing Images by Jim Babbage gives you the main advantages of slicing when you have an image and text that are combined.    

 Exportng CSS and images in Fireworks CS4 by John Wylie helps you to understand the rules of placing and sizing your design objects.    

Greeking Generator generates a dummy text and you can set how many paragraphs, words, bytes and lists that you want.    

Fireworks CS4:    

Photoshop CS4: 

Chapter 5 Imagery    

The placement and the direction of an image can give the page movement and help the eye to move in the direction that is desired.    

Choosing the right image ask yourself:  

  • What is relevant to the page?
  • What makes the image interesting to look at and something that the viewer will want to investigate?
  • How are the target audience and want is appealing to them?
Where to get the images you need?
  • Produce them yourself
  •  Free Images: restriction-free means that you can use them for most of personal or commercial uses. Stock.XCHNG is a good site to look for free images.
  •  Stock photography:  Royalty-free images means that there is a one time fee for an image that you can use over and over again. Rights-managed images means that you have more control over the use of the image so that no one else will have that same image at the same time that you are using it.
  • Professional Photographer: before you hire someone to take the pictures for you get references. If that does not work than the is a site called Advertising Photographer of America

Image sources that you should avoid: 

  • Google Ganking is where you save an image off of the internet and edit for your own needs.
  • Hostlinking is where you used the URL link of another website.
  • Clipart can look cheesy and generic it does not look professional.

 CSS borders:

  • Has three properties border-width, border-style, and border-color.
  • There are eight styles of borders to choose from doted, dashed, solid. double, groove, ridge, in se and outset and they could be set as none and hidden.
  • Drop shadows to make an image stand out.

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