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Week 9

Posted by barbaramilligansblog on March 15, 2010

The Complete Design Process >> is a video on how you can use different Adobe products to build your website.

  • IL: Site maps and Flow diagrams
  • Fw: Wire faming, storyboards and proto typing
  • Ps:  Visional design
  • ID: Documentation

The web’s greatest strength, I believe, is often seen as a limitation, as a defect. It is the nature of the web to be flexible, and it should be our role as designers and developers to embrace this flexibility, and produce pages which, by being flexible, are accessible to all.

Common Mistakes Print Designers Make On The Web >>


  • Designing with a Grid-Based Approach:
  • This website is about using grids for designing websites. It also has useful references, tutorials and tools that was used in creating this site. Grid-based designs can help making your site visually strong and structurally balanced.

  • Dao of Web Design – a timeless article from A List Apart: This site is about how the web is flexible and  some steps to take in to unsure that the pages that are produced will be accessible to all.
  • Blasting the Myth of Above the Fold – by Milissa Tarquini :
  • The “fold” means the line beyond which a user must scroll to see more contents of a page and also referred to as a “scroll-line.”

  • Five Principles to Design By… :
  • The five principles are not let technology take over humans, good design is something that works will, the user owns the experience, great design is often invisible and don’t transferred complexity to users…only simplicity


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