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Week 6

Posted by barbaramilligansblog on February 24, 2010

Block Elements: Is a tag that sets itself apart with a hard retune above and below, for an example paragraph tags.

Style Rules: Tags and elements are instructions for the CSS

  • Elements are defined of the page by the rule i.e.,  tags, classes, IDs
  • Selector Declarations is another name for CSS Rules
  • Example of a selector declaration:
    • H1{ color: red;}  (h1) is the selector, { color: red;}  is the declaration, the word( color) is the property and  the word (red) is the value.
    • Separate  multiple declarations with semi-colons

Created a CSS file that linked to the regional html resume:

  • <LINK href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

Created a horizon tiled background for the revised banner:

  • Page Properties>Appearance (CSS) set all margins to zero, in Background image navigate to the image you desire, under the Repeat dropdown arrow select (repeat-x) 



Dreamweaver article, Usability: The key to good website design, by Matt Brown:

Breadcrumb Navigation Increasingly Useful, by Jakob Nielsen:

Fresh vs. Familar: How Aggreeively to Redesign, by Jakob Nielsen:


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